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Our Goal

Welcome to Starship Ice Cream. We make all of our own ice cream, with love, and from scratch with the highest quality ingredients. We sell our ice cream from our fully restored vintage 1966 Grumman Kurbside truck. Our goal is to provide you with the best ice cream that you have ever tasted, hands down, no comparison, mic drop.

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A Story of Artisanship, Attention to Detail and Love

The Starship truck began it's life in service to a department store based out of Springfield Michigan called Steiger's. The Steiger's Logo was discovered on the roof above the windshield during the paint removal process. After Steigers's went out of business in 1972 it is speculated that Starship went into Service for Atlas moving company. Again the logos were discovered during paint removal. During the next four decades it changed hands several more times before ending up as a carpenters work truck. It was the carpenter who brought it to the Savannah area. Eventually Starship found its way into the back yard of Smokie's Restaurant in Garden City Georgia. Mr. Smokie had dreams of making it a food truck. It spent 8 years in storage there. In the summer of 2020 after a lay off and in the midst of great uncertainty, Starship's restoration began. Steve Penatello, who spent the previous two decades acquiring all of the necessary skills and experience to tackle the many systems and tasks that were necessary to get Starship where it is today, spent 12 months restoring, modifying and crafting Starship into a one of a kind food truck. Many of the parts on the Starship are hand made one of one components that were salvaged from scrap and have a back story that Steve can tell you about.  

The truck was the inspiration for the Starship brand. As the truck took shape it was decided that only the best of products should be served from this beautiful machine.

All of Starship's ice cream flavors are original to the Starship brand, you will not find them anywhere else in the world, and just like the truck, they are over the top.  It is often said that "This is the best ice cream I have had in my life". That is exactly what we are striving to make you say. 

UPDATE  Janurary 2022

Starship Ice Cream officially launched in October of 2021. We were well received and everyone loved our ice cream and our sweet truck. After just 11 days a careless driver ran a red light and destroyed our truck. As of January 2022, the Starship truck is under reconstruction and is on schedule for another launch in mid March. Thanks for all of the love and encouragement on this difficult journey.  

UPDATE June 2, 2022

STARSHIP IS BACK BABY!! We are now accepting bookings and we look forward to dishing it out!

August 2023

Starship has had a great first year. We have developed many new flavors and made so many new friends and fans. We look forward to serving your neighborhood, event or business. Give us a call to book. 


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Note: Starship is a truck based operation.  We would love to cater your event or wedding with the best ice cream in town. Give us a call to book a date.


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